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Camey Stadler

Page One and Journalism: A 1940 Vocational Film reaction paper
Journalism was severely limited by the capabilities of printing presses and other technology of the 1940s in Journalism: A 1940 Vocational Film. The emergence of the Internet and computers has expanded the volume of news exponentially.

Journalism was also deficient 60 years ago due to the belief that it was “a man’s trade” and women’s contributions were discouraged except for the society and home pages. Fortunately, this mindset is much less prevalent today.

In Page One, the changing face of journalism is explored by The New York Times, addressing the question, “How will the New York Times fare in this journalistic revolution?”

When the way journalism is produced changes, the news also changes. Newspapers today need to shift from a print mentality to a web mentality. The nature of the medium changes the news. News can be updated constantly online, whereas a print edition only comes out just once a day at a daily paper. Now news can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

Citizen journalism is also a new concept made possible in large part by social media. Citizen journalism is a form of journalism in which users generate the content. The relationship between audiences and news organizations is becoming more informal.

News has also become interactive. Only recently have readers been able to see and hear other readers’ reactions to stories instantly and respond. Readers can also access text, audio and video in one location.

News outlets will continue to function as the “fourth branch of government,” to expose corporate and government wrongdoings and corruption. Watchdogs are needed today as much as ever and, arguably, more so.

Journalism is not dying. It is changing and evolving. Journalists will continue to produce news, but in a different way. The business model has to change and, unfortunately, the public is opposed to paying for news it has become accustomed to getting for free.

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